Chikungunya in Cuba

Vaccine tested chikunguña

Vaccine tested chikunguña
15 agosto, 2014   Around the World
A group of researchers from the United States tested a vaccine virus chikunguña prevernir this disease threatening several countries.
According to research published Thursday in the British medical journal The Lancet, seudopartículas viral vaccine (VLP) was administered to 25 healthy volunteers, as part of a clinical trial stage one to test the effectiveness of the product.
For Dr. American National Institute of Health, Julie Ledgerwood, the vaccine was well tolerated and mostly volunteers developed an immunological response received from the first injection.
He recalled that each person received three injections. “They were tested three different doses and one of the volunteers received three times the same,” he added.
Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Ann Power, revealed that the cost of developing a vaccine “from preclinical testing to market launch is estimated to amount to between 200 and 500 million dollars. ”
This disease rarely cause death, but the joint pain can last for months and even years for some people. In Dominican Republic there have been more than 193,000 cases of chikunguña

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