Chikungunya in Cuba

Chikungunya – 135,000+ cases in the Americas

June 06, 2014

Chikungunya: 135,000+ cases in the Americas

The Pan American Health Organization now posts weekly updates on
its Chikungunya page. (Click on the June 6 chart to get a readable,
printable version.) The reports are a bit patchy, with some Caribbean
nations weeks behind others. But the trend is clear, and rising.

Last week the total of suspected and confirmed cases was about 107,000.
This week the total is over 135,000. The Dominican Republic is taking
the brunt of it, rising from 38,000 cases last week to just under 53,000
this week. Haiti has nearly doubled its case count, from 6,312 to 11,802.

The second page of this week’s update has a chart of imported cases, and
it includes two such cases for Cuba. Chile has now had a second imported
case. The US, meanwhile, had no imported cases this past week but has 27
cumulative cases. It’s just a matter of time before autochthonous cases
start turning up in such countries.

Source: H5N1: Chikungunya: 135,000+ cases in the Americas –

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